Miami Soloists Symposium: A Unique Program for Young Classical Musicians

Cellists at PIMF Music Camp program "Miami Soloists Symposium" with Udi Bar-David of The Philadelphia Orchestra If you are a young #violinist, #cellist, or #violist, you cannot miss this unique #musiccampprogram in Miami, December 16-21, 2013.

Appropriately titled the “Miami Soloists Symposium” – this innovative #musiccampprogram brings together serious young performers from throughout the U.S. to work in an intense music training program with members of the world-renown Philadelphia Orchestra. And – as if working with members of The Philadelphia Orchestra isn’t enough – participants reside in a stunning Italian Villa, dine on gourmet food, and spend free time visiting with the likes of famed violinist Ida Haendel.

Festival co-founders Sandy Marcucci and Kimberly Fisher created the intense #musiccampprogram to provide students an opportunity to focus on intense #musictraining over winter break. To meet the program’s goal of non-stop #practice, #lessons, #performanceclasses, and #recitals – musicians are required to practice four-five hours each morning/afternoon, work out daily in 30-minute sessions with a faculty accompanist, attend and participate in master classes every night, and present a solo performance at the festival’s Grand Finale!

“It is an extremely demanding #musiccampprogram,” said Marcucci. “All 25 performers spend their entire day in #lessons, #privatepractice, #performanceclasses, and #pianorehearsals. The house will be bursting with music from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and every where you look there will be students practicing: in their bedrooms, in the living room, on the porch, even in the laundry room.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that their surroundings are luxurious. The stunning mansion features nine bedrooms, marble floors, and fine Italian artwork. This music camp even provides a personal chef!

“In order to ask so much of the students, we found it beneficial to surround them with as aesthetically pleasing an environment as possible.” said Marcucci. “So we chose Miami, selected a palatial private residence, found a marvelous local chef, and structured a program that could both challenge and embrace at the same time. We ‘de-stress’ the environment in every way so the performers can succeed in such an intense environment. In other words, we try to make their extremely hard job as easy as possible!”

The students, ranging in age from 13 – 23, will come from throughout the United States to participate in this interesting #musiccampprogram. They will range in skill level from intermediate to advanced. Faculty members include: Kimberly Fisher, Ohad Bar-David, a cellist with The Philadelphia Orchestra, Glenn Basham, Professor of Instrumental Performance at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, and several others. A portion of the program will be conducted at the Miami Conservatory of Music in Coconut Grove where Mr. Bar-David will present evening #cellomasterclasses, also open to the public.

For more information, visit the Philadelphia International Music Festival #musiccamp website at: or phone: 856-875-6816. The festival is open to both resident and commuting (local) students.

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