PIMF Chamber Music Program

Program Details:

The PIMF Chamber Music Program sessions are two hours daily, and include coachings, chamber music master classes, and performance preparation with attention to bowings, articulation, musicianship, and specialized intonation concepts. Students at all levels can elect chamber music and will be assigned chamber music partners based on level of proficiency, age, and other logistic factors. Student musicians enrolled in the PIMF Chamber Music Program elective will be sent music prior to the start of the Festival. Complete works will often be performed, featuring one movement per group. Performances for those enrolled in the PIMF Chamber Music Program for one week will take place at the conclusion of their respective week.

International Classical Chamber Music Camp Program
PIMF Chamber Music Program

How to enroll in the Chamber Music Program at the Philadelphia International Music Festival:

After registering online (or via telephone at: 856-875-6816) for the Philadelphia International Music Festival students will receive a detailed confirmation packet.

To select the PIMF Chamber Music Program as your student’s afternoon elective choice, simply fill out the Chamber Music Registration Form included within the packet.

The PIMF Chamber Music Program is included for students who register for the Solo Performance Preparation Program, or Chamber Music Intensive Program. Participation in the PIMF Chamber Music Program is an option for all other students and will incur an additional fee.

PIMF cannot guarantee placement in the chamber music program after May 1. If you are interested in participating in chamber music this summer, please sign up via your online account at your earlier convenience (but no later than May 1).