Fees & Payment Options for PIMF 2024

Tuition Deposits

All tuition prices listed include a required $250, non-refundable deposit (which is automatically applied to your balance due).

Students will have three payment options when registering for PIMF.

1) Pay-in-full at time of registration.

2) Register with a $250 non-refundable deposit and pay-in-full on or before May 30, 2024.

3) Register with a $250 non-refundable deposit and an automatic payment plan (3, 6, or 9 months).

All options are available during registration.

Program-Specific Fees:

Chamber Music Fees

For those students in the Symphony or Piano Studies Programs electing to participate in the afternoon Chamber Music Program, there will be an additional fee of $400, (or $200 for one-week participation). Detailed information will be included in the festival confirmation packets emailed after registration. Please note that Chamber Music is already included in our Solo Performance Preparation Program and Chamber Music Intensive Program.

Participant Descriptions

Resident Camper Fees Include:

  • Tuition, Housing, & Meals
  • Off-Campus Excursion Expenses
  • Festival Insurance Fee
  • Weekly private lessons (see program description)
  • All program-specific events and activities

Extended Day Participants: Local students 12 and above may opt to leave the premises at the close of evening activities. Such students, referred to as “Extended Day Participants” (8:45am – 9:00pm) will not be charged the housing fee. All other fees will apply. Please note that students under 12 are not offered this option and must attend as either Day Campers or Resident Campers. Fees include all items listed above, with the exception of overnight lodging and breakfast.

Day Participants: 8:45am – 5:30pm. Evening events not included in fee. Identical to Extended Day with the exception of dinner and evening events.

PIMF Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Full refunds (less $250 non-refundable deposit) will be issued for all cancellation requests made prior to April 30th, 2024. After April 30th, cancellation requests must accompany a note signed by a physician explaining the need to be excused.  Should a program be cancelled for any reason by PIMF,  perspective program participants may transfer all funds paid (including $250 non-refundable deposit) to another PIMF program or request a refund in full. 

Cancellation requests must be sent to PIMF Operations Director Jacob Heil, at: jacob.heil@pimf.org.

"Can't wait for next year!"

"I have been to PIMF for two years now and it’s an incredible place to be. I’m always so inspired even months after I’ve attended and I continue to enjoy uncovering the new things that I can learn there. Can’t wait for next year!”

- Megan F., 2018

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"Loved the focus on practicing"

"Awesome - my daughter’s playing improved with the high level of music instruction. She also met quite a few kid musicians from all over the world that she’s been keeping contact with. I really loved the focus on practicing. She will be returning next year!”

- James M., 2018

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"Thank you PIMF!"

"Our son loves PIMF and improves his level of play and repertoire for percussion. He loves the experience and time with friends in the dorms. He is going into his fourth summer in 2019. Thank you PIMF!”

- Jeff D., 2018

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"So excited for this upcoming year!"

"The 2019 PIMF season will be my 3rd year at this camp and I absolutely love it!! Working with the members of the Philadelphia Orchestra has made me learn and grow so much and being able to work with other musicians my age is so much fun! I am so excited for this upcoming year and many years of PIMF!!!!”

- Kate F., 2018

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"The staff are always so courteous and helpful"

“Our children love this camp so much. This is their fourth season, and I'm sure we will be back next year. What they learned this year was just amazing. The atmosphere is not only professional, it's fun! They come home inspired by all they see and set new goals for their playing. The staff are always so courteous and helpful. The Philadelphia Orchestra teachers are always the best. Thank you for all your hard work.”

- Jean F., 2019

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