Chamber Music Intensive Program

The PIMF Chamber Music Intensive Program is designed to train young musicians to serve their respective communities through interactive chamber music performance. This program is by audition only and open to students ages 13-19 who will also participate in the Symphony Orchestra ensembles.

Faculty members of the Philadelphia International Music Festival will present to 16 outstanding students the hands-on, industry-specific mentoring and training necessary to enable young musicians to become successful, engaging, and compassionate artists – prepared to contribute to the vibrancy of their own communities through interactive chamber music performance and engagement.

As part of their Community Engagement training participants in the Chamber Music Intensive Program at PIMF will also engage audiences through performances in hospitals, libraries, and at other community sites in and around Philadelphia’s historic Main Line. In addition, they will learn leadership and entrepreneurship skills that are essential tools for young people planning a career in classical music.

In summary, the Chamber Music Intensive Program at PIMF focuses on training young performers to be outstanding chamber musicians ready to apply their newly-sharpened music skills to pursuits in their own neighborhoods and beyond. This life-changing training is invaluable in helping the young musician establish a successful rapport as a classical performer in his or her own community, often leading to employment as a soloist, chamber musician, or ensemble player in a local or professional symphony orchestra.

While on the Chamber Music track, students will participate in the full spectrum of PIMF events and activities, including private lessons, master classes and faculty recitals with members of the world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra, daily orchestra rehearsals and music classes, private practice sessions, solo performance opportunities, festival competitions, and more.

Alumni: Please note that the Chamber Music Intensive Program has no alumni exceptions. Students must audition annually for this program.

A summer chamber music program like no other!

"Can't wait for next year!"

"I have been to PIMF for two years now and it’s an incredible place to be. I’m always so inspired even months after I’ve attended and I continue to enjoy uncovering the new things that I can learn there. Can’t wait for next year!”

- Megan F., 2018

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"Loved the focus on practicing"

"Awesome - my daughter’s playing improved with the high level of music instruction. She also met quite a few kid musicians from all over the world that she’s been keeping contact with. I really loved the focus on practicing. She will be returning next year!”

- James M., 2018

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"Thank you PIMF!"

"Our son loves PIMF and improves his level of play and repertoire for percussion. He loves the experience and time with friends in the dorms. He is going into his fourth summer in 2019. Thank you PIMF!”

- Jeff D., 2018

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"So excited for this upcoming year!"

"The 2019 PIMF season will be my 3rd year at this camp and I absolutely love it!! Working with the members of the Philadelphia Orchestra has made me learn and grow so much and being able to work with other musicians my age is so much fun! I am so excited for this upcoming year and many years of PIMF!!!!”

- Kate F., 2018

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"The staff are always so courteous and helpful"

“Our children love this camp so much. This is their fourth season, and I'm sure we will be back next year. What they learned this year was just amazing. The atmosphere is not only professional, it's fun! They come home inspired by all they see and set new goals for their playing. The staff are always so courteous and helpful. The Philadelphia Orchestra teachers are always the best. Thank you for all your hard work.”

- Jean F., 2019

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