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Our faculty, comprised of some of the world’s finest musicians, has a passion for classical music. It is this passion, in fact, that has enabled them to develop into world-class musicians. It is our goal at the Philadelphia International Music Festival to pass on to the student – through personal and group instruction – the energy, the enthusiasm, the intensity that set apart the superb player from the average, the extraordinary from the ordinary.

Our faculty recitals, master classes and private lessons, presented by members of The Philadelphia Orchestra and other internationally-acclaimed musicians, give participants a taste of professional performance. Our required daily private practice hours, private practice seminars and private practice marathon help students establish greater discipline habits; and our numerous concerts and daily discussion groups help musicians of all ages to fall in love with classical music.

Note: Individual faculty availability varies by session. If you have questions about a specific faculty member being in residence during your chosen session, please contact the PIMF office.

"This is stuff that matters. It’s not superficial. It’s the longevity of art and I get to be a part of it. It’s a great honor."

Kimberly Fisher
Artistic Director of PIMF