Marcucci’s Making Their Mark

Super Storm Sandy

Just this past October, Hurricane Sandy, the second costliest hurricane in America’s history made it way up our coastal shoreline. Early estimates assessed damage at nearly $75 billion, Hurricane Katrina being the only storm to surpass it. At least 285 known people were killed along the path of the storm in seven countries it hit. In the United States, Hurricane Sandy affected 24 states, including the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine with particularly severe damage in New Jersey and New York. Damage to businesses in New Jersey alone totaled to $30 billion.

For those fortunate enough to not have been affected, you many not know that more than two million homes throughout the Garden State were without power due to the super storm. Close to 346,000 homes ranged from slightly damaged to completely destroyed; sadly, 37 people lost their lives. New Jersey was left in such disrepair that Governor Christie postponed Halloween until November 5th. The price to fix New Jersey totaled to over $36 billion.

                                                    Roger, Red Cross, and Relief

Hurricane Sandy aftermathOn March 12, 2012, Madison Square Garden hosted a 6 hour-long benefit concert to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in October.  Performers like Bruce Springsteen, Billie Joel, Jon Bon Jovi, Roger Waters, and many more gathered together and successfully raised over $30 million dollars for Sandy relief efforts. Time Warner Cable donated $500,000 to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, and $50,000 each to the Red Cross of Northeastern New York and the Red Cross of Northern New Jersey. FEMA reported on November 4, $31 million in federal aid was approved for residents of New Jersey.

New Jersey Governor Christie has assured New Jersey residents and tourists alike that the Jersey Shore will be open for business by this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, but the truth is without tourism, the money to rebuild may not be available.

    PIMF Does Their Part

Marcucci sistersSandy Marcucci, founder of the Philadelphia International Music Festival (PIMF) is delighted to announce a one-night performance at Ocean City Tabernacle in Ocean City, New Jersey on April 20th to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims. Her daughters, PIMF alum, Madison Marcucci and Michal Marcucci, both born and raised in New Jersey, the girls have happy memories of their childhood summers being spent at the Jersey Shore and jumped at the opportunity to give back to a community that played such a major role in their upbringing.

Please come out and join the Marcucci’s and other members of the Philadelphia International Musical Festival on Saturday, April 20th at 7pm for a night of classical music to help bring beauty back to our beaches.

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