(November 2018) College Music Program of the Month: Temple University

(November 2018) College Music Program of the Month: Temple University

The higher education environment of Philadelphia and the surrounding area is rich in quality and breadth. Prospective scholars have the opportunity to select from a wide range of universities and colleges; there are large research universities such as Drexel and Penn, or smaller specialized outfits like the University of the Arts and The Curtis Institute. Every student in search of his/her/their next degree has to take a number of factors into consideration: location, degree program, infrastructure and environment, tuition, faculty, and field-related opportunity, and so on. One school that hits it out of the park in all of these categories also happens to be woven into the central urban fabric of Center City

Temple University has been an integral part of the goings on in the city since opening its doors in 1884. Made up of 17 schools and colleges and hosting 450+ academic degree programs, Temple is an excellent place to receive a liberal arts education or pursue a double degree. Temple University is the 38th largest university in the United States. 

Nestled in amongst a patchwork of classical academic buildings, student lawns, and construction projects serving the continually growing student population, one stumbles upon Presser Hall, home to the Boyer College of Music and Dance. Here you will find students ranging from the undergraduate to doctoral level pursuing work in a variety of musical fields: performance, education, theory, and history, to name a few. Boyer puts on over 500 concerts annually, with three orchestras, seven choirs, numerous chamber ensembles, and recitals by individual students and faculty. 

Much like students at Philadelphia International Music Festival, students at Boyer College have the opportunity to study with musicians from The Philadelphia Orchestra. Boyer consistently draws promising young talent; its no wonder that Boyer is among the top 10 schools, represented by number of degrees, amongst the makeup of Metropolitan Opera musicians. Boyer offers scholarship based on academic background as well as strength of the audition for incoming music students. Are you interested in visiting the campus and possibly taking a lesson or two? Check out the faculty for your instrument here. 

Curious about the student experience at Boyer? Alumni will tell you that it brings the best of both worlds – the diversity and energy of a university environment along with the challenges and rigor of a conservatory environment. Boyer brings together performance degree candidates at all academic levels alongside students pursuing education, composition, or music therapy degrees. The opportunity to study with faculty made up of Philadelphia Orchestra members at a reasonable tuition rate draws excellent young musicians from all over, and enrolling at the university also opens the doors to the freelancing scene in Philadelphia and the great Philadelphia region – an invaluable perk! The campus puts you in a great position to interact with other students of all disciplines, and one of the main subway lines in Philadelphia runs right through campus, allowing for easy access to all of the cultural offerings of the wider city.

We here at PIMF are thrilled to highlight the Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University as our November “Music School of the Month” – any young musician should have this school on their radar, as it is producing waves of fine musicians in the Philadelphia music scene and beyond. Be sure to check in on our blog periodically for other highlights and music related articles!