Ally Cohen: PIMF Young Musician of the Week

allycohen1Five years ago, I was a very uncommitted violin player. I did not enjoy practicing, although I wanted to improve. Because of my want for improvement, I enrolled in Philadelphia International Music Festival’s orchestra program. This program changed my life. I met other students already passionate about music and who shared my interest in classical music. I learned to enjoy practicing and music making. Over the years, I continued to return to PIMF and every year continuing to learn about how to be a musician who loved playing music for its own sake.

One of the things I particularly loved about PIMF was the concerts we attended. We heard some of the greatest musicians in the area, including a Philadelphia Orchestra concert at the Mann center. Every night, we heard a new concert which ranged from student performances, master classes, and faculty recitals. Each of these was equally thrilling to gave me a chance to see musicians at all ages and levels experiencing the excitement of music.
I also thoroughly enjoyed playing in chamber groups. Making music with similarly minded musicians was such a treat. We had extensive time to work with coaches and mentors to perfect not just the notes in the piece, but the style and musicality. Every day we spent time drilling intonation and working on group cohesiveness. Every year this program continued to teach me more and more about group performance and the completely different skill sets required.

Five years later, my life completely revolves around my musical journey. I am continuing to be interested in improving, but with a care and love for practicing and learning I never had before.

I can honestly say PIMF changed my entire life and future from a normal girl to a dedicated and driven musician. PIMF introduced me to the friends and teachers who would help me continue improving.

Everyone has experiences that are meant to lead them in the direction they were meant to go, and I am now convinced PIMF is the event that completely altered the course of my life and I am forever grateful.