Vocal Performance Program

Vocal Performance Camp

Learn to Sing in Italian, French, and German!

June 17 – June 29, 2017
For Students Ages 6 – 18
Designed for singers of all ages & skill levels: from the beginner to the seasoned singer.


Vocal Performance Training For The 21st Century Singer.

Offering exceptional musical theatre and operatic repertoire training!

Works by Mozart, Bernstein, Puccini, Gilbert and Sullivan, and Sondheim have entranced the world over.  Participants in the PIMF Vocal Performance Program – which contains both musical theater and opera training-  will be introduced to theatrical repertoire by performing a variety of selections from beloved vocal masterpieces, including children’s choruses for the younger participants.  At the same time, students will discover the many levels of preparation and production that are required to create compelling musical and opera theater performances.

Daily instruction will focus on the essentials of vocal health and technique, how to present a character and convey emotions through stagecraft and acting skills, the importance of music theory and how it affects the dramatic impact of the performance, the history of musical theater, and much more. Group instruction (as well as optional private voice lessons) will encourage the singer to love the performance experience by finding his or her true voice. A variety of repertoire will be selected to match the abilities of young singers. All campers will participate in either group or solo performances in the Grand Finale Showcase.

The magical worlds of musical theater and opera combine music, theater, dance, poetry, and visual spectacle. Join us as we teach young musicians to captivate the sensibilities of the audience as they learn to create beautiful music!

Who Can Attend:

Students of all ages (6-18) and skill levels – from the beginner to the seasoned singer – are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Vocal Performance Camp Overview:

This program includes: scene rehearsals; small group and break-out sessions focused on vocal health, singing technique, music theory, and aural development; musical theater history lessons from opera to Broadway; staging/blocking sessions; group vocal and acting lessons; physical and concentration-based exercises (to teach the singer both technique and self-awareness); set design and creation; optional private voice lessons; and more. Advanced singers may be awarded opportunities to perform in student recitals. The festival concludes with a Grand Finale concert, allowing all campers to showcase their prepared scenes.

Audition Information:

Although no audition is required for acceptance, singers interested in solo performance must upload required audition materials. Soloists will be sent music selections two to three weeks prior to the start of the Festival and are expected to arrive prepared. See audition requirements below for details.

Daily Schedule

All of the campers will meet each day on theMain Stage for group rehearsals.  Small group sessions will break-off during this time to allow campers to receive more personalized guidance.  These sessions will focus on vocal health and singing approaches, music theory and aural development, acting and movement methods for the stage, costuming and make-up techniques, as well as set design and creation.

  • 9:30am-12:30 pm: Vocal Performance and Scene Rehearsals/Break-Out Sessions
  • 12:00 p.m.: Lunch
  • 12:50 pm-3:00 pm: Group Lessons, Opera Workshops, & Break-out Sessions
  • 3:15 pm-5:15 pm: Choice Between: Chamber Music (for instrumentalists), Improvisational Drama, Sports, Private Practice, or Optional Private Voice Lessons. Students Ages 10 & Under participate at this time in our exciting Art, Music Theory & Sports program

Extended Day and Resident Campers Will Also Enjoy:

  • 6:00 pm: Dinner
  • 7:30 pm: Concerts featuring members of The Philadelphia Orchestra, Instrumental or Voice Master Classes, Student Concerts and Competitions, Festival-Wide Talent Show, Off-Campus Trips to Philadelphia Orchestra Concert(s), Ocean City New Jersey, and more!

Auditioning for Major Singing or Acting Roles:

Audition files are required of those students wishing to audition for major singing roles only. Please do not upload auditions prior to registering for the Philadelphia International Music Festival Vocal Performance Camp Program.

Please note that audition files may be made informally through cell phone or other video methods and should include a minimum of two songs which best represent the young performer’s skills/abilities. Your presentation may be accompanied or unaccompanied. For more information, please visit our Audition Information page.

We believe that many of our participants will come to us desiring a small role, but will develop skills and confidence very quickly!  Our expertise and flexibility will allow for some roles to be double cast, if needed, and for the awarding of additional stage time to those who desire such. Know that we will allow (and encourage) your 6-18 year old singer to grow as much and as far as he or she can!

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